Virtual Camp – 2020

Registration for Virtual Camp Courses Starts Monday June 29th, 2020

We have some exciting news for EVERYONE! We have just received the information for online/virtual camp courses. There is quite a selection of courses to choose from including Band, Pleasure Craft Operator, Mess Dinner Traditions, Naval Communications and Citizen Scientists and Explorers. ‌

There are no requirements for almost all of the courses. All you need is internet connections, be able to attend certain days for some of them, and depending on what you select maybe some materials from around your home. ‌

I strongly encourage Band Cadets to join the band. You have actual trained music instructors to help you improve, there is also opportunity for one on one assistance/lessons as well. You also have the ability to test for music levels as well. ‌

I would also encourage Semaphore Team and Flag Hoist team members as well as any others interested in taking Naval Communications as you can also earn some communications badges for your uniform! ‌

Seniors I would recommend the Mess Dinner Traditions, as well as Cadet Cyber Training Course, this could aid in improving our ability to deliver content etc. should be not be able to resume in person meetings in the Fall. ‌

Everyone is encouraged to take something, whatever interests you.

Do you have trouble communicating, getting your point across, directing others? Then the Effective Communications Course might be for you. ‌

Read through the attached flyer – REGISTRATION BEGINS MONDAY JULY 29th! YOU MUST DO THIS ON YOUR OWN. You will need the previously mentioned information at bottom to be sent to this email address. 

Camp Course Selections Document Here

You will need to email the following information.

1. Last Name
2. First Name
3. Corps / Squadron Number (we are #135)
4. Corps / Squadron element (you are a SEA cadet)
5. Name of the activity you wish to register for.
6. Dates of serial you wish to register for. (Ensure you register for the correct dates, some have more than one block)
7. The language you would like the activity delivered in; (English or French)
8. Phone number (will be use as a second factor authentication for your online account)
9. A email address that the cadet has access to; and
10. If BAND – Instrument selection for cadets registering for the music course