Tall Ship Deployment

Cadets have the opportunity to apply for a deployment on an old fashioned tallship, run primarily by sails. One example would be the Pacific Swift, she is a square topsail schooner.

Cadets are provided the opportunity to participate as a crew member on the vessel including climbing the rigging to the crows nest to square away or unfurl sails. Or crawl out on the whiskers of the tall ship, located at it’s bow. In order to visit shore on some islands cadets would also use Dories which is a small row boat holding about 10 persons so they may row ashore for a break on land.

Cadets also receive classes on navigation, using a radio, parts of a tall ship, cooking and how to steer and raise the sails on the vessel.

Chief Petty Officer D. Hardwick says of her experience that “It was a wonderful experience working on an “old fashioned” style ship while connecting with the peace and serenity of the ocean. I also really liked meeting new people and making friends with people from all across Canada, and experiencing something that most people have only read about in books or seen in movies.”

Cruise/Deployment on Military Vessels

Cadets have the opportunity for deployment on a Canadian Navy Vessel from a week to a couple depending on the time of year for deployment. Cadets are assigned a watch and work along side members of the Royal Canadian Navy!