Flag Hoist Team

Flag Hoist

This competition connects with our nautical past by communicating non coded messages between vessels within visual range. Cadets will use the International Code of Signals flags to relay simple words or relay a specific or standard meaning using a single flag.

In competition Cadets as part of a three member team are given a set of cards with words on them ranging from simple 4 letter words to words that require use of extra symbol flags due to letter substitutions. They may also have to use a single flag to represent “Diver Down”

Cadets are marked on accuracy of the word hoisted. Marks are deducted for incorrect order, and or use of the substitution flags. The team with the most words completed, or highest points for spelling/accuracy will win the competition.

Present day usage of these flags is usually done for ceremonial or festive occasions where the ships message is strung from the ships rigging, and read from bow to stern.

Flag Hoist Team

The team practicing at the ship using the flag pole outside our main entrance.

Linnington and Betts assembling flags
Whole team hoisting next phrase
Linnington realizing she skied the halyard.