Drill Team

Drill Team Competition

Cadets compete on a team of up to 16 members. There are three parts to the drill competition on which the cadets are evaluated.


  1. Uniform Inspection
  2. Compulsory Sequence
  3. Supplementary Sequence



Cadets are inspected prior to competing. Cadets uniforms are assessed for proper badge placement, well ironed, boots shone, hair is proper, free of lint and pennants. Cadets then complete a mandatory drill sequence that has been practiced beforehand, that the team captain will deliver to the team. After the mandatory routine is completed, the team captain then reports and the team will then complete an entirely silent routine with no cues or commands from the team captain.



As a part of the teams points, they are evaluated on their uniforms, the precision of their drill movements, ability to follow their captains commands/orders. Team captains are marked on completing the sequence in order, power of command, bearing, control of their team and use of the parade square space.

Drill with Arms Competition Competition 2018 London Ontario

Cadets ready to compete at the annual drill competition, mandatory routine.

Cadets Inspection as part of drill competition
Waiting in holding area pre-competition
Captain reporting for competition
Complementary drill routine.