Sailing Sign Ups

In order to try and accommodate all cadets for sailing over our assigned “Sailing Weekend” taking place Saturday Sept 28th, and Sunday Sept 29th, we need to have cadets sign up for the weekend to account for everyone.

Cadets should be dropped off at the ship for 7:15am, but not before 7:00am. Cadets will travel by bus to HMCS STAR located in Hamilton, by the harbour. Cadets will train there for the day, lunch will be provided. Cadets are encouraged to bring water bottles and extra snacks as well as appropriate clothing for the day, including changes of clothing as well as a change of shoes. Cadets will return to the ship between 17:30hrs and 18:00hrs (5:30pm/6:00pm). Cadets will go home for a good nights rest and return for Sunday and do it all again.

Cadets attending the Orienteering competition as part of the orienteering team can only sign up for the Sunday Sailing!

Please see the link below to sign up, you will need to sign up for both days individually.