2022-23 Sea Cadet Pre-Registration

Sea Cadet hauling on a sheers.
Sea Cadets taking part in streches.



About the Brantford-Brant Sea Cadets:

Officially known as Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps ADMIRAL NELLES. Our program has served the youth of the Brantford-Brant area for over 80 years. Our program meets weekly in Brantford at our ship located at 119 Waterloo Street. 

Who can join cadets? 

Our program is open to all youth ages 12 to 18 that are Canadian citizens or are authorized to reside in Canada. Although, the program is expected to be physically and mentally challenging, there will be no artificial barriers developed which preclude participation based on gender, race, culture, religion, education, socioeconomic status or ability. The programs will make reasonable efforts to accommodate.

 Why should a young person join Sea Cadets?

– Cost: ZERO. There are no dues and fees and uniforms are provided. However, cadets are expected to support fundraising efforts throughout the year.

– Our program helps young people make lifelong friends, build self-confidence, and belong to a team like no other.

– Flexible commitments:  Our program is designed to complement school, work, other teams and extra-curricular activities. Cadets are free to leave the program at anytime should they no longer wish to be a member. 

– Opportunities like no other!

– Serve your community: Our program supports veterans organizations in the community and other organizations which aim to make our neighbourhoods a better place!

We look forward to you joining our crew for the 2022-23 Training Year. 

Please fill out the below form you will be contacted with our Application Form and additional registration instructions. We look forward to welcoming you as part of our crew! 

Please enroll now to ensure you can join us and participate!