Instructor Guides/Q.S.P’s

Qualification Standard & Plan -QSP’s

Instructor Guides – IG’s

All manuals will soon be available via TEAMs as EDMODO will be going offline as of Sept 22nd/22. Consider downloading manuals instead of loading them each visit. This would minimize download times as well as make the manual available offline for you as well!

Phase I QSP

Phase I Instructor Guide

Phase II QSP

Phase II Instructor Guide


Phase III Vol 1 Instructor Guide

Phase IV QSP

Phase III Vol 2 Instructor Guide

Phase V QSP

Phase IV Instructor Guide

Additional Support Guides/Manuals located below in grey.

Phase V Instructor Guide

Phase V Log Book

PO 423 & PO 523

Phase V Navigation Manual

Cadet Navigation Manual

Small Craft Radio Operator Program

Dress Regulations/Uniform Standard

Dress Regulations

This current iteration of the Dress Regulations are out of date but we are currently awaiting a current copy of newly updated dress regulations. These serve only as a guide where most uniform parts, badging is still in place. Hair, piercings etc. are what have changed under the new directions from the Department of National Defense.