Executive Officer

Executive Officer – Lt (N) S. Downey

I started as a Navy League Cadet with Admiral Landymore reaching the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class.

Moving up from  Navy League to RCSCC Admiral Nelles. Here I rose through the ranks to reach the top cadet rank of Chief Petty Officer 1st Class. I was also appointed to be the Coxswain of our unit. Through the years as a cadet I was a member of the swim teams, Drill with Arms, Drill without Arms teams, and the First Aid team. I attended HMCS Ontario for General Training, then Greenwood Air Cadet Camp, in Nova Scotia, for a tri-service lifeguard course. I returned to HMCS Ontario as a PERI staff cadet the following summer.

All these experiences have provided me with the foundation of the cadet program to enroll in the CIC as a reserve member in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Cadet Instructor. Courses attended as an officer include – Basic Officer Qualification Course, Junior Officer Leadership Course, Lieutenants qualification course, Captains qualification, Range Safety Officer Course, Basic Canoe Instructors course, Drivers Safety Course, Food Handlers Course. Within the unit I have worked in most areas of the ship starting as an Instructor, Supply Officer, Training Officer, Chef, Executive Officer and the Commanding Officer. I have worked outside of the unit as a PERI Staff officer at HMCS Ontario, as well as an Escort Officer for the Cadet program taking cadets from across Canada to England, India and Hong Kong.

Fondest Memories of the cadet program as a cadet are provincial swim competitions, trips to Norfolk Naval base in Norfolk Virginia. I am thankful to the cadet program for the experience in leadership, problem solving and teaching techniques that have afforded me jobs in my civilian life. I am also grateful for the opportunities that I have had in travel and acquired skills over my time as a cadet and officer.

Currently I work as the Executive Officer, in my role I am responsible for maintaining ships routines, overall standards, including discipline within the unit as well as keeping all accountable for their areas of responsibility. I currently work with the cadets in the following capacities – instructor, cook, coach/advisor of drill team, sheers team, range team, orienteering team and biathlon team. I look forward to working to improve our units standing in all of these competitions.

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