Please submit attendance notifications prior to the date/start time of an event. Notifications sent afterwards will be recorded as an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE, see below to complete and submit form.

Training Nights

Thursday – Mandatory Training Night
18:30hrs to 21:30hrs
(6:30pm to 9:30pm)

First Thursday in September until the end of June

Monday’s – Teams & Sports Practices

First Monday after Labour Day in September until at least Annual Inspection. Holiday Monday’s are typically observed with no training taking place. However, some exceptions may occur, depending on competitions.

18:30hrs to 21:30hrs

(6:30pm to 9:30pm)

Depending on teams/sport/activity times will vary from 18:30hrs to 21:30hrs (6:30pm to 9:30pm).  We’re more flexible with team practice/sports nights as we know we could be starting earlier etc.  Location may vary depending on activity as well!

If a cadet cannot attend a Parade Night/Training/Parade/Tagging for a valid reason, the cadet MUST do one of the following to have excuse recorded as explained. This also helps us know the cadet is still interested in the program. It can also help us help the cadet or family if circumstances arise preventing attendance.

1. Fill out and submit the Corps Attendance and Notification Form (see below).

– OR – 

2. Telephone the corps at (519) 752-8821 and excuse themselves by leaving a message. (Cadet must include rank, last name, first name and division before leaving their reason for absence or lateness. Speak slowly, and clearly when you do so, so it can be easily understood.

FACEBOOK or REMIND will no longer be accepted as forms of notification.

Attendance Notification Form

Please put Month - Day - Year