About Our Program

What Are We?

Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps ADMIRAL NELLES is Brantford’s oldest continually operating Cadet Unit in Brantford.

The aim of Sea Cadets is to develop in youth the attributes of citizenship and leadership; promote physical fitness and stimulate in youth an interest in the Royal Canadian Navy.

There is no cost to join, no fees or dues – ceremonial uniforms are provided free of charge. Cadets are free to leave the program at any time and are not expected to join the Canadian Forces. Upon withdrawl from the program all issued uniform parts and equipment are expected to be returned to the unit.

Sea Cadets in Brantford are sponsored by the Department of National Defense and the Navy League of Canada – Brantford Branch, which is a Brant United Way Member Agency.

Brant United Way

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it really FREE to join


Q: How often am I required to attend?

A: Once a week, thou cadets can be excused, however you can and are encouraged to attend more often.

Q: How can I join?

A: Visit us on a Thursday evening. Call (519) 752-8821 or email recruiting@admiralnelles.com for more information. Upon registration you will need to produce your child’s birth certificate, and valid OHIP or other health care provider coverage.