Biathlon Performs at 2020 SWOA Competition



The following team members are advancing and representing Admiral Nelles at the next level of competition. Regionals will be held in Sault Ste. Marie Feb 8th & 9th, 2020.

Open Female Team comprised of CPO1 Barnard and LS Whitlow.

Open Male Team comprised of PO2 Barnard and Army Cadet Thoreyn Jorgensen. 

Rainy/Snowy Weekend results in Medals for Admiral Nelles Biathlon Competitors.

At Tims, waiting for our 6am pick up!

Competitors bypassed Highland Nordic Ski facilities due to extremely heavy rains and lack of snow and headed directly to Base Borden.

Cadets engaged in a run and shoot biathlon in place of a ski and shoot. Admiral Nelles 12 person team were paired into age and mix groupings. The competition consists of competitors completing a running distance, shooting 5 targets with pellets using a daisy air rifle, completing another run circuit, shooting another 5 targets then finishing with a final run circuit. The two team members times are added together for a team time score. Missed shots during a run and shoot would add 30 seconds to their overall time for each missed target.

Precomp Meeting
LS Downey Running
MS Phee Running
LS Phee Shooting
PO1 Sararas & LS Whitlow Shooting
MS Peplinski Shooting
PO1 Loftman Shooting


Team Compositions – Pairings

PO1 Loftman I

PO2 Barnard B


CPO1 Barnard C

LS Davies, P


MS Peplinski, G

MS Phee, K

PO1 Sararas, M

LS Whitlow, R


MS Kocis-Ristanovic, J

LS Downey, M


MS Chaney, P

MS Forbes, J

Cadets competed on the Saturday, due to further weather forecast issues, Sunday was turned into an alternative style run and shoot, called a patrol. Patrol had all unit’s team members mixed together into teams of four. For this event they start shooting in pairs. Both team members must drop/shoot down their 5 targets before they can get up and run the circuit, they have unlimited shots to complete shooting the targets. When they return to the firing line, the other 2 members shoot. They do this until the final team members have shot their targets and the final time is their score timing for the event. The cadets thoroughly enjoyed this different event.


Chief Barnard on the Patrol Run
Chaney, Barnard and Forbes on Patrol Run
Chief Barnard coaches a team mate during shoot
Admiral Nelles Cheering Section
Downey & Kocis Shooting
Kocis & Chaney Shooting


Our cadets then found out how they compared against their competitors during the awards at the end of Sunday’s Patrol race.

Teams Results – awarded to best teams times (pairs times combined)

  • Our Open Female team earned a 2nd place with CPO1 Barnard, C and LS Davies, P finishing with a time of 24:03


Individual Results – are also awarded for the best times in their gender/age category.

  • 3rd Place for Senior Females to LS Whitlow, R
  • 2nd Place for Senior Males PO2 Barnard, B
  • 1st Place for Youth Females CPO1 Barnard, C