Orienteering Competition 2019


Admiral Nelles Orienteering Team competed in the SWOA orienteering competition, on Saturday September 28th at Shade’s Mills Conservation Area in Cambridge Ontario. 

Team members competed in a team challenges (3 person teams) in which they were given 1 hour to find and score as many locations as possible and get back to the finish line. This activity was completed in the morning.

Team members would then run individual tracks with a set order to tag in at their locations. The fastest through the course to the finish line wins. This event took place in the afternoon.

The teams were females – PO2 Linnington, PO2 Betts, MS Kocis-Ristanovic

                                 males – PO1 Loftman, MS Forbes, LS Phee

                         individuals – LS Whitlow, LS Peplinski, OS Koepke these individuals combined with other                                                                competitors from other units to comprise 3 person teams.

Congratulations to MS Forbes for earning a silver medal “Intermediate Boys” for the individual race competition.

MS J. Forbes

Silver Medalist for the Intermediate Boys – Individual Race

2019 Orienteering Team
Leg Stretches
Hip Stretches
Team Warms Up
Chilling on the Picnic Table


A Huge Thank You to Mrs. Whitlow for providing the transportation for our Team to make this event!