Buffalo Trip


Buffalo Trip

The cadets and a few officers from Admiral Nelles attended an onboard/overnight encampment on the USS Little Rock. Cadets were rewarded for the previous years work, attendance and efforts on tagging weekends.

Cadets were assigned a berthing area on a WWII Light Cruiser. Cadets ate “Chow” in the mess that would have seen over a thousand sailors pass through daily. Cadets learned what it was like to live in confined quarters as well as how far it was from one section of the ship to the other to find the heads.

Cadets were privy to learn from some experienced veteran sailors on guided tours of the three vessels in the Naval Park. The USS Little Rock, USS The Sullivans, and the submarine USS Croaker. Cadets learned more in depth details about the history of the vessels to what life was really like in these small cities.

The cadets and staff would like to thank the branch & parents for their support and time in financing this unforgettable experience for all of us.