We Will Remember Them – 2018

Command Signal

Cadets of Admiral Nelles – established a presence as they always do at this years Remembrance Service. This year marked the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of World War 1.

Cadets conducted an overnight vigil alongside with Army and Air Cadets. Cadets were on the cenotaph overnight from 6pm on the 10th until the official service started at 10:30 on the 11th. 

At this point the cadets from all units along with service groups marched from Harmony Square as a part of a procession to the Cenotaph. Here they found a large crowd waiting. 

On the Cenotaph were three of our cadets. CPO2 C. Barnard as the Commander of the honour guard with them standing at rest on your arms reversed. They were PO2 I. Loftman and MS B. Barnard.

The coxswain CPO2 D. Hardwick played last post on the trumpet for the service. Returning again in the evening to play it again for the small Bells of Peace service.

We were present in Paris as well for their community service where CPO2 M. Munn and LS J. Hair were standing vigil on their cenotaph as well. A small group of cadets were also present and marched to the cenotaph through downtown Paris. The service is Paris is beautiful, small service that is equally touching.

Bravo Zulu to all of our cadets for their efforts over the last few weeks to assist the various legion groups as well as attend parades and services. It is because of you and your efforts that “We Will Remember Them”!

Lest We Forget

We Will Remember Them