Uniform Care



DO NOT EVER BURN SHINE YOUR BOOTS! The best way to get shiny boots is a lot of time and effort at putting more and more layers of polish on your boots. We personally recommend from years of personal experience KIWI brand polish, and or KIWI parade gloss polish. Nothing beats using a kiwi brand cloth or similar type cloth for polish application. Any old toothbrush will do for cleaning welts/catwalks as well.


Although we endorse the technique for ironing in terms of placement of creases and how to iron, WE DO NOT encourage USE of STARCH. We GREATLY RECOMMEND USING A PRESSING CLOTH – any old flat cloth, old sheet or pillow case to put between the clothing and the iron while ironing. Remember steam removes wrinkles and heat puts in creases. This is all you need. If you have something really wrinkly dampen the pressing cloth before steaming it. REMEMBER IRON AND WATER MAKE HOT STEAM BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF!


This is a good way to sew your badges on your uniform. Please ensure you only use WHITE thread on your CORPS CREST, and BLACK thread on all other badges for your tunic.  The PDF on the right deals with all regulations regarding your uniform, what to wear – orders of dress, as well as how it should look, where badge placement is etc. 

Look to Annex A-1/13 to A-13/13 for what order of dress is, C1’s STU’s etc (approximately page 19-31)

Look to Annex F5-1/7 to F5-7/7 specifically for badge/pins/medal placement etc. (approximately page 140)

Cap Tally

This video is from the British Sea Cadets and is how we are now to properly tie our cap tallies. Please do not make cuts on your cap tally as indicated in the video until your tally has been checked by a senior cadet or officer to ensure you have tied it correctly. These are very expensive to replace, just for the sake of making mistakes. You will also need to sew in your chin stay. Please see a senior cadet about what this means.


Females this section below gives examples for you to correctly do up your hair, should it be longer than shoulder length. While we have policies in place for hair to be down. The expectation while in C1’s, C2’s and C2a’s will be hair is up.